What Is a Commissary Rewards Card?


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A Commissary Rewards Card is a medium that military personnel and their families can use to pre-load digital coupons for use at their commissary grocer. Customers must visit the Commissary website beforehand to download, or "clip", their desired promotions.

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Digital coupons are the only benefit of the card as of 2015, but the company is looking to expand its capabilities in the future. Customers can print out their selected offers from the My Coupons tab, providing a hard copy list that can be referenced in-store. Offers update as available, which could be as frequently as daily.

Most digital promotions may only be used once, meaning that the discount applies only to one of a particular product even if five of it is purchased at once. Commissaries also continue to accept traditional paper coupons, though they cannot be combined with digital ones for a deeper discount on a particular product. Manufacturers supply the coupons and the rules that go with them, including the number of times a particular offer is valid. Once the prescribed allotment has been reached, that offer disappears from the website but remains available to those who already downloaded it.

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