What Comes on a Cold Cut Combo at Subway?


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The Cold Cut Combo from Subway features turkey-based ham, salami and bologna. Other ingredients included on this and all Subway sandwiches are slices of cheese, multiple vegetables and condiments.

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What Comes on a Cold Cut Combo at Subway?
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Subway is a fast food restaurant that allows customers to order from a selection of sub sandwiches, and customize their orders as desired. All of the ingredients are premade, but the sandwiches are assembled to order in front of the customer. Subs are available in a 6-inch or 12-inch length. The Cold Cut Combo is one of their lower cost options, usually available alone in a footlong and in combo meals with a drink, chips, apple slices, yogurt or cookie.

The main part of the sub are slices of salami, bologna and ham. In addition to this, customers can choose their desired flavor of bread, including Italian, Italian herbs and cheese, 9-grain honey oat, 9-grain and flatbread. Customers can also choose from provolone, Monterey cheddar or American cheese. Some stores also offer grated Parmesan cheese. A healthy heaping of vegetables are also available to add to the sub, including lettuce, tomatoes, green bell peppers, onions, cucumbers, spinach. Before wrapping up that Cold Cut Combo, customers can choose to add a sauce, such as mayonnaise, honey mustard or vinaigrette, or any mixture of sauces.

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