What Are Some Coffees Offered by Organo Gold?


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Coffees that Organo Gold offers include gourmet black gold, king of coffee, royal brewed, toasted hazelnut, caramel vanilla and chocolate almond. In addition to these flavors, Organo Gold offers cafe latte, cafe mocha and cafe supreme.

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The selection of coffee from Organo Gold comes in different collections. The royal brewed, gourmet black, chocolate almond, toasted hazelnut, caramel vanilla and chocolate almond are available as single-serve K-cups. The toasted hazelnut flavor offers a dark, full roast with added flavor of hazelnut and a hint of sugar. Chocolate almond also has a rich taste; this coffee combines dark-roasted beans with flavors of toasted almonds and dark chocolate for a bold, chocolate-flavored taste. Caramel vanilla has a lighter taste, this flavored coffee fuses the silky, creamy flavor of vanilla with the rich, sweet taste of caramel.

In addition to the flavored coffees, Organo Gold produces black coffee and king of coffee; these flavors belong to the Organo Gold Gourmet and Organo Gold Premium collections, respectively. The Organo Gold black coffee offers a smooth texture and rich taste, which is attributed in part to the addition of ganoderma lucidum.

In addition to these coffees, Organo Gold offers packaged hot chocolate and several types of tea, including green tea and red tea. It also produces Black Ice, which is a black tea designed to make iced tea.

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