How Do You Clean Shelves in a Walk-in Cooler?


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To clean shelves in a walk-in cooler, it is best to use soap and water. Harsh chemicals may damage the metal of the cooler. Twice a year, clean the cooler condensing coils and evaporator with a self-rinsing cleanser.

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Other steps to take to keep a walk-in cooler clean include draining the lines and checking the door gaskets. It is important to drain the lines a minimum of once per year, but it is best to work with a service tech to ensure the debris is removed, and the drain lines are clean. It is also important to check the door gaskets and wipe them down with soap and water. This helps to prevent mold and bacteria from growing. If the door gaskets have cracks or feel stiff, replace them.

Mop and sweep the floors of the walk-in cooler periodically, as the food debris may attract pests or promote mold growth. It is also important to clean up any spills, especially if the temperature is below freezing, as it could become icy and dangerous. Lubricate the hinges to keep them moving, and occasionally hire a professional to check on the electrical connections and wires, as loose wires can make the cooler lose energy and temperature, putting the contents at risk.

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