What Are the Classic Components of an Authentic Cajun Spice Mix Recipe?


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The classic components of an authentic Cajun spice mix are oregano, salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper and paprika. In recipes by some chefs such as Food Network's Emeril Lagasse, Creole seasoning and Cajun seasoning are used interchangeably.

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What Are the Classic Components of an Authentic Cajun Spice Mix Recipe?
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Although some recipes conflate the two seasonings, Cajun and Creole seasonings are not really the same spice blend. Creole seasoning is a more complex mixture that features salt, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, sweet basil, thyme, black pepper, cayenne pepper, white pepper, celery seed and paprika.

In addition to its traditional use in Cajun dishes such as jambalaya, gumbo and etouffee, Cajun seasoning can be used on fish, hamburgers, french fries, chicken, potatoes and shrimp, as well as in salad dressing, dip, crab salad and popcorn. All of these uses for Cajun seasoning are specifically recommended by the Food Network.

Cajun-style cuisine is the traditional cooking of the French-Canadian immigrants to Louisiana, who are known as Cajuns. Shrimp and pork are the most common meats in Cajun dishes, but poultry, pork, trout and catfish are also used. White rice is the staple grain of Cajun cuisine, and vegetables used include bell peppers, okra, onions, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Both wheat bread and cornbread are found in Cajun cuisine.

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