What Are Some Classic American Dishes?

Classic American dishes include fried chicken, various types of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, deep dish pizza, Cobb salad, catfish sandwiches and desserts like apple pie, ice cream sundaes, ice cream sodas and chocolate chip cookies. Some American cuisine proves popular around the country while some dishes enjoy local celebrity in their regions of origin. Po'boys, for instance, derive from New Orleans, and catfish sandwiches lead as another trademark Southern cuisine.

Of all the American staple dishes, cheeseburgers rank among the most coveted. Americans serve cheeseburgers steaming hot, and as a main course for lunch or dinner. The classic recipe includes a meat patty, usually beef, although variations exist including chicken, turkey and even faux meat, grilled to desired texture, then topped with melted cheese. Toppings include lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions; the concoction, upon completion, rests between two sandwich buns. For dessert, especially in the summer, Americans enjoy ice cream sundaes and ice cream sodas. Ice cream, once reserved as a treat for the elite, enjoyed widespread popularity with the emergence of ice cream parlors following World War II. Americans enjoy ice cream sundaes of all kinds, including chocolate and vanilla, with toppings such as sprinkles and whipped cream. Ice cream sodas include a scoop or two of ice cream, traditionally vanilla, with root beer or similar carbonated beverage.