What Are Some of Claire Thomas' Popular Recipes?


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Some popular Claire Thomas recipes include salted caramels, two-ingredient ice cream, and date and walnut brownies. Some other popular recipes are dried apricot and mascarpone tart, as well as Thomas' fried eggs with salsa verde and fried smashed potatoes.

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Make salted caramels by pouring 1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream, 1 cup of white sugar, 1 cup of light brown sugar and 2 1/2 teaspoons of sea salt into a saucepan. Stirring often, bring the contents of the pan to a boil, and wipe down any sugar crystals from the sides with a pastry brush run under warm water. Once the liquid reaches 245 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the saucepan, and add 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Pour the hot caramel onto a buttered baking sheet, and allow it to cool to room temperature before chilling it for a few more hours. Spoon the caramel into pieces of wax paper, and wrap them.

To make two-ingredient coconut ice cream, stir 2 tablespoons of room-temperature raw honey into 1 pint of room-temperature coconut cream. Scoop the coconut and honey into a bowl, and chill it. Pour the chilled mixture into an ice cream machine until it is firm, and then drizzle it with honey before serving.

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