Is Cinnamon Bad for Dogs?


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Cinnamon is considered non-toxic to dogs, but it can still cause irritation to any bare skin or open wounds on the animal. More potent forms of the spice, such as powdered cinnamon or essential oil, are more likely to cause an adverse reaction.

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Cinnamon's fiery flavor can cause a burning sensation on exposed skin. This is generally not a problem for dogs, as they are covered in protective fur, but less furry breeds, or animals whose hair has fallen out, are more at risk. Eating large amounts of cinnamon can also cause problems, as the powder and oil forms are more troublesome than cinnamon bark or sticks. Eating more than a single teaspoon of cinnamon powder can cause symptoms of irritation in dogs. Breathing in the powder can also cause serious issues, including coughing, choking, diarrhea, vomiting and spasms. Small amounts of the spice, as are usually applied to season foods, are considered safe.

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