What Is Chorizo Sausage?


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Chorizo sausage is a food made in Mexico and Spain out of pork and spices. Mexican chorizo is fresh meat, while the Spanish version is made of smoked meat to create a cured product.

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What Is Chorizo Sausage?
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Mexican chorizo is typically sold soft and raw and must be cooked before eating. It can come loose in packages or be sold in individual casings that must be discarded before cooking, and looks similar to other ground meats. Although this food is most typically made with pork, beef is a suitable alternative. Chili, red pepper and paprika are common spices used with chorizos, and they give the food a characteristic red color. Some recipes call for green ingredients, such as green chilis and cilantro, which result in a greener food.

Spanish chorizo often uses the same spices and can be spicy or sweet, depending on the recipe. Garlic is a common addition to the mixture. This sausage can be smoked or not, and it typically uses natural pork casings. Depending on the type of casing, Spanish chorizo can be eaten with the casing or must be removed from it.

Mexican chorizo is used in tacos or other dishes that require crumbled meat. Spanish chorizo is used in soups or stews, or it is sliced and eaten plain with breads or cheeses, like other cured meats.

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