How Do You Choose the Correct Wine for a Dinner?


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To choose the correct wine for dinner, consider certain expert rules, such as acid with acid, sweet with sweeter, heat with sugar, wine flavor with a dominant food flavor and tannins with fat. Fish pairs best with acid.

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Flavor intensity, characteristics, salt, acidity and tannins are some elements to bear in mind. Sweetness and the weight of flavors are also helpful to remember. In practice, heavyweight red meat dishes pair well with full-bodied wines, regardless of the wine's color. The old rule of white wine with white meats and red wines with red meats refers to the tannins and acids in the wine, not necessarily its color.

Wine expert Jameson Fink typically builds meals around a wine or vice versa, depending on his inspiration. Fink also suggests asking experts and conducting research to ascertain what wines are the most effective complements to particular ingredients or methods of preparation.

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