What Is the Best Chicken Stew Recipe?


The best chicken stew recipes includes a good selection of vegetables and savory seasonings, such as basil and thyme. Liquids are also an important part of any good stew, and the best recipes use common ingredients, such as olive oil and chicken broth, but can also include personal ingredient choices.

Food Network chef Gina De Laurentiis developed a simple chicken stew recipe that is rated four and a half stars by reviewers. Her version uses common stew vegetables, such as celery and onions, and kidney beans are another comfort food ingredient. The chicken is gently simmered in a tomato liquid base along with the vegetables, and is ready to eat in 35 minutes. Another good chicken stew recipe, featured at Myrecipes.com, requires chickpeas instead of kidney beans. Tube-shaped pasta provides additional texture in this stew, but it has less sodium and fat than other stews because it incorporates health-friendly chicken broth.

Chicken stew takes on a sweet and spicy character in a unique recipe that features white beans and potatoes, which adds hearty texture to the dish. Sometimes, stews have surprising ingredients, and in this recipe the surprise ingredient is coconut milk. Fresh lemongrass is another ingredient that perks up the flavor, but what gives this version a real kick is chili powder, and exotic cardamom seasoning.