Are Chewits Suitable for Vegetarians?

The Chewits product line is suitable for vegetarians based on the ingredients identified by its maker and a statement on the parents' section of the Chewits website. However, Chewits are not suitable for vegans as they contain eggs.

The various flavors of Chewits are made of glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable fats, egg white powder, soya, rice or pea protein, fruit juice, flavorings, preservatives and coloring. Original Chewits come in strawberry, blackcurrant, orange, fruit salad and cola flavors. The Chewits Xtreme line features sour pineapple, sour tutti frutti and sour apple flavors. Chewits are produced by Cloetta Italia S.R.L. in Cremona, Italy, notes the candy's official website.