What Do You Do With Cherry Tomatoes?


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Although often associated with tossed green salads, cherry tomatoes have a variety of culinary uses. They can be used as a salsa ingredient, roasted and tossed with pasta or enjoyed fresh and raw right off the vine.

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Cherry tomatoes can also be used to make a tart by piling them inside a pastry shell, covering the pastry with a top crust and baking until the crust is nicely browned. They can be sautéed whole in olive oil until they burst and then spooned over a bed of freshly prepared pasta, sprinkled onto pizza or used to top white fish such as halibut, cod and sole. Cherry tomatoes also make an excellent gratin when baked with bread cubes and herbs such as thyme, oregano and sage. Sprinkling minced garlic over the top of the gratin and topping it off with freshly ground cracked black pepper provides the perfect finishing touch.

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