What Is a Cheesy Southern Shrimp-and-Grits Breakfast Recipe?


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To make a cheesy Southern shrimp-and grits-breakfast, boil 3 cups of chicken broth, and stir in uncooked grits. Cook the grits for 5 to 7 minutes, stirring until thick. Remove the grits from the heat, and add cheddar cheese, salt, pepper and butter to taste, and then cover.

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To prepare the shrimp, melt butter in a large skillet over a low-to-medium heat, and slowly stir in all-purpose flour. Stir the butter and flour until brown, and add two medium onions, two chopped bell peppers, fresh garlic, and salt and pepper to taste. Allow the vegetables to soften by stirring the mixture occasionally.

Stir in 2 cups of heavy cream, and whisk until it is completely combined with the butter and vegetables. Add cleaned, de-veined shrimp to the vegetables, and allow the shrimp to cook until they are opaque. Serve the shrimp over the grits with hot sauce and an extra sprinkle of cheddar or Parmesan cheese.

Other ways to serve this dish are to add crispy, chopped bacon or finely minced pieces of ham to the grits for extra flavor. Cheesy shrimp and grits can be prepared with chicken broth, water or cream, and can be served as any meal of the day.

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