What are some of the cheapest Atkins bars?


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The Endulge bars, the Day Break bars and the Harvest Trail bars are the cheapest Atkins bars, as of 2015. A box containing five bars costs approximately $6 to $7 at Shop.Atkins.com. Prices vary from vendor to vendor, so similar bars may be cheaper or more expensive depending on who sells them.

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There are five flavors of Atkins Day Break bars and four flavors of Harvest Trail bars, such as cranberry almond and dark chocolate peanut butter. There are also snack bars and meal bars among the whole array of Atkins food products, with roughly 15 flavors of each kind.

The prices of bars at Shop.Atkins.com differ from prices of Atkins bars sold online by different vendors. Some vendors also sell flavors and types of Atkins bars that are no longer available through Atkins. Other types of bars, such as the Atkins Advantage bars, are still available through Atkins in rebranded packaging that does not contain Advantage on the packaging.

Walmart.com and Amazon.com feature boxes of Atkins Advantage bars for about $6. The same flavors in the Atkins Advantage series, such as dark chocolate almond coconut crunch, are available at Shop.Atkins.com under the snack bar category and are about $7.

Atkins Endulge bars, the Atkins series of low carb sweets, are roughly $6 at Shop.Atkins.com for a box of five bars. The very same product costs about $5 at Amazon.com. Endulge bars are generally less expensive than all other kinds of Atkins bars regardless of who sells them.

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