What Are Some Cheap Turkey Brands?

Inexpensive turkey brands include Norbest, Jennie-O and Honeysuckle White. These brands offer frozen turkeys, which are typically less-expensive than fresh ones are. While turkey prices vary by season and location, as of 2015, whole frozen turkeys from these inexpensive brands are typically available for under $1 per pound.

The headquarters of Norbest are in Moroni, Utah. The company's 500 employees produce whole turkeys and turkey products that it distributes in 26 countries. Norbest has an 80-year history and audits its farms twice annually to ensure it adheres to the animal welfare best practices.

Jennie-O is a division of Hormel and its headquarters are in Willmar, Minnesota. In addition to inexpensive whole birds, it produces over 1,500 products and distributes them to over 70 countries. Jennie-O has a history of over 70 years and employees over 7,000 workers.

Honeysuckle White turkeys are grown by independent farmers without the use of antibiotics for promoting growth. The U.S. government does not allow the use of growth hormones in turkeys and if a producer chooses to use antibiotics, it must allow a weaning-off time before processing them. Honeysuckle White traces its history to 1965 and trains its farmers to ensure proper handling of the birds.

While consumers may worry about sacrificing taste by choosing an inexpensive brand, the frozen birds fare better in taste tests than free-range and organic turkeys.