What Are Some Cheap Meal Ideas for Families?

What Are Some Cheap Meal Ideas for Families?

Cheap ideas for family meals include soup with grilled cheese sandwiches and beans and rice. Stir fry dishes with rice are budget options, as are one-skillet meals.

Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic cheap meal, since stores often discount canned soup. Customize the grilled cheese sandwiches by adding ingredients such as fresh spinach, bacon, apple slices or jam. The meal goes well with dill pickle spears.

Beans and rice is another classic budget meal. A basic recipe calls for cooking onion and garlic in oil and then adding uncooked rice. The next step is adding broth and peppers and simmering until the rice is cooked. The final step is adding canned beans and heating through.

Stir fry is another budget-friendly dinner. Many home cooks utilize ingredients that are on sale at the grocery store. The basic recipe calls for searing meat over high heat and adding vegetables, such as broccoli and bell peppers. The sauce usually consists of soy, ginger and other Chinese spices. Rice is the recommended side dish.

Skillet dishes are similar to stir fries in that they get cooked in a single pan. The preparation for a skillet meal involves cooking meat with seasonings and adding filling ingredients, such as tortillas, potatoes or rice. Skillet meals often get topped with cheese and finished in the oven.