What Is Ceylon Tea?


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Ceylon is a general term for a number of varieties of tea grown in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon. Black and green varieties can be found with varying flavor profiles and levels of caffeine.

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Ceylon tea is derived from the same plant as many of the most popular and well-known teas, but varies widely from these other varieties due to a number of factors, including the oxidation process. Generally speaking, Ceylon tea is appreciated for its superior taste and quality. Low-grown Ceylon teas are recognized as having a robust flavor profile and dark leaf appearance, while high-grown teas are lighter and brighter, ranging in color from gold to red.

Ceylon tea contains significantly less caffeine than other varieties of tea. Black Ceylon tea contains antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, and fight influenza. Green and white Ceylon teas aid in weight loss and serve as anti-inflammatory agents.

Ceylon is a protected designation that must be awarded after multiple stages of review. Before a tea is approved for marketing using the Ceylon label, judges assess the tea based on the color of the infused leaf, as well as the color, flavor and aroma of the brewed tea.

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