What Is Ceylon Cinnamon Used For?


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Ceylon cinnamon is a culinary spice also used as a deodorizer and a natural remedy for unstable blood glucose levels. Other conditions treated with Ceylon cinnamon include irritable bowel syndrome, oral yeast infections and stomach flu.

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What Is Ceylon Cinnamon Used For?
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Culinary applications call for Ceylon cinnamon in powder or stick form. Many natural cinnamon remedies, however, require pure cinnamon oil. For example, a spray bottle of diluted cinnamon oil is an effective odor neutralizer that kills odor-causing bacteria. The diluted oil also makes a fragrant and powerful disinfectant for hard surfaces, such as bathtubs, kitchen counters and sinks.

Many natural Ceylon cinnamon remedies involve cinnamon tea. This tea relieves pain caused by gastrointestinal ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. It also reduces bloating and calms upset stomachs.

Ceylon cinnamon is one of several types commonly used in cooking and natural medicine. Another cinnamon, cassia, has anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties. It is also a natural remedy for flatulence, nausea, colds and sluggish appetites. Cassia cinnamon's most prevalent use outside of the kitchen is as a counter-irritant in muscle rubs. When rubbed into the skin, cassia cinnamon generates an icy-hot sensation that soothes sore muscles and sprains.

Ceylon and cassia cinnamon have similar flavor profiles, but there are differences between them. Ceylon cinnamon is less spicy than cassia and is substantially sweeter.

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