What Does Caviar Taste Like?

Black caviar which is the most expensive has a slightly salty and somewhat fishy taste. Some people compare the fishy taste to salmon. All caviar is salted and processed to some degree.

There are many different types of caviar available; however, many people consider true caviar to be the black caviar that comes from sturgeons, which are an endangered species. Beluga and Osetra as well as Sevruga all come from sturgeons. There are four ways that caviar is processed. Malossol is lightly salted and very fresh, and this type is normally what a true caviar lover prefers. Salted caviar contains more salt for preservation purposes, but many people feel the taste is not as good. Pressed caviar is made of broken or overripe eggs and is highly salted. Surprisingly, many caviar lovers prefer pressed caviar, because it has a strong taste. Finally, there is pasteurized caviar, which is treated with heat and vacuum-packed.