Is Canola Oil Worth Its Price?

canola-oil-worth-its-price Credit: Katharina Rau/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Reviews and prices found on comparable oils, such as corn and vegetable oil, indicate that canola oil falls somewhere in the middle of value and lower than stranger types such as coconut oil. A 48-ounce bottle of Canola oil has a very small price difference compared to a similarly sized bottle of vegetable oil, and so the worth comes down to personal taste preferences and the properties of the oil itself during cooking.

Some oils have values that depend on what they are being used for. Coconut oil is good for baking and for making frosting, but does not survive temperatures higher than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Safflower oil is good for a wider range of cooking and high-heat uses, but tends not to work for lower temperatures. Compared to most oils, Canola oil has a very wide range of uses and is only weak on flavor, making it less useful than other oils when drizzled on a dish for flavor.

When comparing the range of utility and the price that canola oil has with other cooking oils, its worth is clearly stated. A bottle of canola oil performs the same cooking jobs that multiple, more specialized cooking oils can do, and only has a minor weak point due to its neutral flavor.