What Are Some Candygram Sayings?

Some clever candygram sayings are: "Have a Whopper of a good time," "Take 5 and enjoy the spoiling," "Thanks for all the fun and Snickers," "You always come through in a Crunch," and "Do U-No how much I miss you?" Candygrams can be sent in the form of gift tags.

Other fun candygram sayings for a romantic partner include: "So lucky to have married a Big Hunk like you," "I'm really missing my Hot Tamale," "I'm so glad that out of everyone in the Milky Way, I got you." Other possible options are: "We are Mint to be together," "I love you Now and Later," "With you, every day feels like a Payday" and "It's a Joy being married to you."

Clever candygram sayings for co-workers or are: "You are a LifeSaver. Thank you," "Happy Birthday. Take a Fast Break and enjoy," "Thank you for all the Extra work you do" and "I Mint to tell you how much I appreciate you."

Ideas for friends can incorporate sentiments such as "I made a Whopper of a mistake. I'm sorry," or "I heard you're going through a Sour Patch." A sweet candygram for a teacher when paired with s'more ingredients is "We need S'more teachers like you."