Where Can You View the Wendy's Chili Recipe for Free?


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Versions of the Wendy's chili recipe are available on Food.com, TopSecretRecipes.com and CopyKat.com. The recipes vary a little, using slightly different proportions of seasonings but are ultimately very similar.

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Where Can You View the Wendy's Chili Recipe for Free?
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The Food.com recipe calls for McCormick chili seasoning, while both TopSecretRecipes.com and CopyKat.com use individual spices instead. These latter two call for cumin, chili powder or cayenne powder, black pepper, and salt, with CopyKat.com's recipe also calling for the addition of garlic powder and oregano. All the recipes agree on the amount of beef, onion, pinto beans and kidney beans, but they disagree slightly with regards to using green pepper and celery or fresh versus canned tomatoes. The differences, however, are minor, and the recipes can all easily be adjusted to taste. The cooking procedure is basically the same across all three recipes, although the Food.com recipe does not specify that the fat from the browned beef should be drained before adding the other ingredients. Once the beef is browned, all the other ingredients are added in at the same time, and the entire mixture is simmered on the stovetop for anywhere from one to three or four hours and stirred occasionally. The chili can also be cooked in a pressure cooker.

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