Where Can You Find the Weekly Ad for Fiesta Mart in Houston, TX?

Where Can You Find the Weekly Ad for Fiesta Mart in Houston, TX?

Weekly ads for Houston locations of Fiesta Mart are available at FiestaMart.com or USADealsFinder.com as of 2015. The link to the weekly ad appears on every page of the Fiesta Mart website.

Fiesta Mart has approximately 30 locations in Houston, Texas. Although the scope of products and sales is consistent between locations, each location has its own weekly ad. Site visitors enter their address, city or ZIP code to narrow their search. The resulting list includes addresses of nearby stores and links to a PDF of each store's weekly ad.

Each Fiesta Mart weekly ad adheres to a uniform layout, with major company-wide sales appearing on the ad's first page and special discounts by products following. Company-wide sales usually pertain to major labels, such as Lone Star Legacy, Reynolds and Kraft.

With the exception of meat and seafood, Fiesta Mart weekly ads display specials on pre-packaged and frozen foods on the first page. Any produce or fresh fruit that are on sale, as well as prepared deli items, such as fresh vegetable kabobs, are situated toward the back of the ad.

At USADealsFinder.com, site visitors type in a city and click on a store, and the weekly ad opens in a scrollable layout. USADealsFinder.com automatically rearranges the Fiesta Mart weekly ad by categories, grouping snacks, beer, wine, meat and seafood items together. The format is crisp and easy to navigate, and it is updated with each new ad.