How Can Water Be Made Fluoride-Free?


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Fluoride can be removed from water through reverse osmosis filtration, distillation filtration and the use of an activated alumina defluoridation filter, according to Anne Marie Helmenstine at About.com. Boiling water, freezing water and using common water filters are ineffective filtration methods and do not remove fluoride from water.

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Many people are concerned about the safety of fluoride in public drinking water. As a result, filtration systems designed to remove added minerals from water are quite popular. The American Cancer Society states that prolonged exposure to high levels of fluoridated drinking water has been proven in scientific studies to cause skeletal fluorosis, a buildup of fluoride in the bones. The condition leads to joint stiffness, pain and an increased likelihood of bone fractures in senior adults. Fluoridated water in high amounts has also been proven to cause dental fluorosis in children under the age of 9. This condition prevents the normal growth of tooth enamel due to an overabundance of fluoride in the teeth. Dental fluorosis may result in stained or pitted teeth. According to the American Cancer Society, people are most alarmed about questionable studies that suggest that fluoride in water may cause a form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma in male lab rats.

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