How Can You Use Wine Barrels As Planters in Five Steps?


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To use a wine barrel as a planter, prepare the barrel by drilling holes and covering for drainage. Add a liner and plant flowers or other plants inside. Creating a wine barrel planter takes around one hour and requires a half wine barrel, apple cider vinegar, a drill, sand paper, a staple gun, wire mesh, wire cutters, landscape fabric, potting soil and a plant.

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  1. Prepare the barrel

    Spray apple cider vinegar all over the inside of the wine barrel. Let the wood dry completely.

  2. Drill the drainage holes

    Use a drill bit large enough to create quarter-sized holes in the bottom of the barrel. Drill five to seven holes evenly spaced in the bottom. Use sandpaper to remove the frayed edges around the holes.

  3. Cover the holes

    Use wire cutters to cut pieces of mesh large enough to cover the holes. Place a wire mesh patch over a hole, and use the staple gun to affix it to the inside. Repeat this process for all the holes.

  4. Install a liner

    Cut the landscape fabric so that it covers the inside of the barrel without overlapping on the outside. Use the staple gun to affix the edges of the liner all around the lip of the barrel.

  5. Plant flowers

    Fill the planter with potting soil. Water the soil, and add flowers or other plants.

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