Where Can You Find a Typical Paula Deen Brunch Recipe?


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The official websites for Paula Deen and the Food Network both offer brunch recipes by Paula Deen. Paula Deen's official site provides recipes divided into categories such as Breads and Eggs & Cheese. Food Network allows Web users to search by chef or keyword.

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One of the recipes available on Paula Deen's website is for brunch stuffed peppers. The recipe features a filling made of eggs, hash browns, bacon, biscuit mix and sour cream placed in yellow bell peppers and baked. The recipe suggests topping the peppers with cheese before serving. Food Network offers recipes such as baked French toast casserole. To make this casserole, cooks soak French bread with a spiced French toast liquid, allow it to sit overnight and then, the next day, cover it with praline topping and bake it.

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