Where Can You Find Traditional Chinese Food Recipes?


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Find traditional Chinese food recipes on FoodNetwork.com, Food.com and AllRecipes.com. Both websites offer a plethora of recipes, including main and side dishes, Chinese soups and stews and appetizers.

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The Food Network website, found at FoodNetwork.com has its own selection of traditional Chinese recipes, as well as recipes that have Chinese flair. Choose from Chinese-inspired salads, Chinese-style dumplings and Chinese noodles.

Food.com allows users to sort through the vast array of Chinese recipes by the most popular, recipes that are quick and easy, recommended recipes and recipes that only use healthy ingredients and cooking styles. Each recipe lists the necessary ingredients, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to properly cook the desired dish. Users are able to rate each recipe using a star rating system, and users are permitted to write reviews about each dish.

AllRecipes.com categorizes its recipes by type such as appetizers, main dishes, stir-fry recipes and Chinese soups and stews. In addition, the AllRecipes.com staff is able to choose their favorite Chinese dishes, and these recipes are spotlighted for easy searching. Some of these Chinese dishes include Chinese Lion's Head soup, pork dumplings, sweet and sour chicken and Kung Pao chicken. Users of AllRecipes.com can also search through the hundreds of Chinese recipes by ingredient preferences.

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