How Can You Tell If a Spice Is Gluten Free?


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The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness encourages consumers to learn about gluten-free spice brands and products by carefully reading spice labels, visiting manufacturers' websites and researching recommendations from professionals and other gluten-free consumers. Many spice manufacturers offer lists of their gluten-free products and policies online.

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Spices, spice blends, seasonings and herbs may contain hidden amounts of gluten through cross-contamination during processing, according to the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness, Some companies process spices and seasonings on equipment that also manufactures products containing gluten, potentially resulting in gluten cross-contamination. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires manufacturers to list all gluten-containing ingredients on product labels and to declare any possible allergy cross-contamination from their processing facilities.

Allergic LIving encourages consumers to look for "certified gluten-free" spices from companies with clear gluten-free policies. Many of the largest spice manufacturers, including McCormick, The Spice Hunter and Simply Organic, offer lists of gluten-free products on their websites, and discuss their policies for ensuring their products are gluten-free.

Allergic Living also cautions consumers to avoid buying spices from bulk bins, which may be cross-contaminated with products containing gluten. They also suggest consumers use extra caution when purchasing imported spices and seasonings from unknown suppliers. Some countries have different food labeling and production standards, which may potentially lead to unintentional gluten cross-contamination.

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