How Can You Get a Tastefully Simple Catalog?

How Can You Get a Tastefully Simple Catalog?

The Tastefully Simple retail catalog is available at, under e-catalog. Zmags powers the e-catalog, and you can flip through the virtual pages or download the entire catalog by clicking on the downward arrow symbol.

The Tastefully Simple e-catalog is seasonal and features the entire Tastefully Simple seasonal repertoire arranged by categories, such as Cozy, Hearty and Savory. A multi-course meal idea covers each catalog page, with corresponding ordering information for condiments, side dishes and entrée ingredients. There are also themed suppers, such as Family Night and Italian Inspiration.

There is a breakfast section and a section for Tastefully Simple semi-homemade snacks, such as red bell pepper hummus and almond cranberry protein cookie mix. Clicking on a product photo opens its related information and a means to order it on

Tastefully Simple also produces paper catalogs specifically for consultants who are professionally affiliated with the company. Rather like Tupperware parties, Tastefully Simple consultants help hosts to plan and give Tastefully Simple parties where prepared versions of current products dominate the menu.

To prepare for these occasions, consultants may send paper catalogs to customers, or a consultant who hosts a party furnishes party guests with paper catalogs for future reference. When you become a consultant for Tastefully Simple, the company supplies you with paper catalogs for customer services and sales purposes.

Consultants occasionally supply prospective customers with paper catalogs upon request. Attending a Tastefully Simple event is not always necessary. Contact information for your local consultant is available at, under Host and Contact Your Consultant.