What Can Be Substituted for Glycerin in a Fondant Recipe?


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Invert sugar, available commercially as Trimoline and Nulomoline, is a substitute for glycerin in fondant recipes. Like glycerin, invert sugar controls crystallization, keeping the soft candy-like fondant moist and smooth for ease in application. Depending on the fondant recipe, light corn syrup is also suitable as a glycerin substitute.

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Invert sugar, a glycerin substitute, is a clear, syrupy-looking liquid similar in appearance to glycerin, and it works like glycerin to keep the fondant soft and fresh for an extended period of time. Invert sugars are created by heating a mixture of water, sugar and citric acid to break down the sugar, also known as sucrose. The resulting two components, glucose and fructose, consist of finer, smaller crystals that are resistant to crystallization.

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