How Can Stainless Steel Wok Be Seasoned?


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A stainless steel wok should not be seasoned because it is not porous in the way that an iron or steel wok is. A steel or iron wok can be seasoned by using a heating and oil rub method that allows the pan to hold in the flavors that it cooks.

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Before a steel or iron wok is seasoned, it should be thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed. Most woks have a protective coating if they are new, and a layer of rust if they are old. This can be removed by scrubbing the wok with steel wool, boiling water in the wok and scrubbing it again with steel wool.

To season the wok, it should be placed on the stove on a burner that fits the size of the wok correctly. It needs to be heated up on the highest setting possible. The wok will change color and will eventually turn black. Once it has turned black, a paper towel that has been dipped in oil should be rubbed around the inside of the wok. The heat can be turned down to medium and the wok should be left to sit for 15 minutes. It can then be removed from the heat. Once the wok has cooled down, the heat and oil process should be repeated one more time.

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