Where Can Someone Find a List of Foods That Are Anti-Inflammatory?

Where Can Someone Find a List of Foods That Are Anti-Inflammatory?

Health.com and APlaceForMom.com both offer lists of anti-inflammatory foods with in-depth explanations of their health benefits. DrWeil.com and Bembu.com offer longer lists of foods that fight inflammation.

Health.com offers a list of foods that fight inflammation, that is important for people who suffer from inflammation associated with illnesses such as arthritis. The list includes 14 foods that the author suggests adding to the readers' diets to fight inflammation. Foods such as fatty fish, whole grains, leafy greens, nuts and soy are included in the list. Each slide on the list includes what anti-inflammatory nutrients the food contains and how they work in the body.

The list on APlaceForMom.com features 20 foods. The list includes shorter descriptions of how the food works to fight inflammation in the body. Berries and cherries, cruciferous vegetables, olive oil, tomatoes and apples are some of the foods listed.

DrWeil.com has an anti-inflammatory diet and pyramid. This pyramid is meant as a practical eating guide. Similar to the traditional nutritional food pyramid, the anti-inflammatory diet pyramid includes not only the foods but also the suggested amount of servings. The pyramid is interactive so site visitors can view a more comprehensive list of the suggested foods.

The food lost on Bembu.com is very comprehensive. It includes 56 foods and brief descriptions of how each works to reduce inflammation.