Where Can Somebody Buy a Pig for a Pig Roast?


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Local pig farms, local butchers, ethnic markets and online pig farms are some places to find a pig for a pig roast. Local farms are usually the freshest choice, and many farmers prepare the pig for roasting. Local farmers typically offer the best selection.

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If a local farm is not available, a local butcher or meat market may be a good source. Although these entities generally do not sell whole pigs, they may be able to special order one or provide a contact where one can be obtained. Ethnic markets are often a good place to check for whole pigs. Latin and Asian cultures eat parts of the pig not purchased by most Americans and may have access to vendors who can supply whole pigs for roasting. Online pig farmers are another option. Some, such as McReynoldsFarms.com, specialize in providing fresh and frozen pigs for pig roasts all over the country.

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