How Can a Slush Puppie Be Made at Home?

A Slush Puppie can be made at home using crushed ice and fruit flavoring, such as fruit juice, lemonade, flavored drink mix or soda. The Slush Puppie company was founded in 1970 by Will Radcliff.

To make a Slush Puppie at home, a blender or electric ice crusher machine can break down the ice into fine cubes. Then, combine the ice with fruit juice or another flavoring. The original Slush Puppy flavors included grape, orange, cherry and lemon-lime.

The idea of mixing fruit and ice dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. Also, during the Ancient Roman and Greek times, they would mix ice and snow with juice or wine. Alexander the Great gave frozen snow to his armies to keep them cool after battle. These were early predecessors to ice cream.