How Can You Sell Walnuts?

Make money by selling walnuts to hulling sites or local farms. Although selling walnuts does not generate a lot of cash, the process is adventurous and fun. A pound of fresh black walnuts with husks can generate up to 13 cents. Some buyers require sellers to remove the nuts from the husks for a better price per pound. The best time to sell walnuts is when they have cured, because a pound can fetch up to $15, according to

Black walnuts fall off of trees in September. After collecting the walnuts, store them in a dry place for at least two months. At this time, the nutmeat inside the husk is soft and milky, and it does not have the same taste as cured nutmeat. The two month wait is long enough for the nutmeat to get totally cured and ready for use in recipes for home baking.

The real value of walnuts lies in the fact that they are free, and the trees do not require close maintenance. The popularity of walnuts in home baking increases their demand. Being patient while the walnuts dry and removing the husks before selling them is the best strategy to guarantee better returns.