How Can You Get Rid of the Strong Fishy Taste in Fish?

can-rid-strong-fishy-taste-fish Credit: Toshihiro Gamo/CC-BY-2.0

For the most part, fish only tastes "fishy" when it has been handled improperly or grown old according to the University of Minnesota. Fresh fish should smell and taste light, clean and almost like the ocean itself, so the best way to get rid of that icky fishy taste is to buy the freshest seafood possible and store it properly until ready to eat it.

To ensure fish is fresh, only buy from reputable sellers, and examine the fish before deciding to purchase it. The fish's flesh should be firm and resilient when touched. If pressed gently and a finger leaves a mark or a strong odor can be smelled, the fish is past its prime.

Less oily types of fish also tend to have a milder smell and flavor. For a lighter-tasting dinner that still provides plenty of low-calorie protein and omega-3s, try arctic char, catfish, flounder, rainbow trout, haddock or tilapia.