Where Can You Find Recipes Translated From Tagalog for Pinoy Foods?


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Sites such as FilipinoStyleRecipe.com, OverseasPinoyCooking.com and FilipinoRecipeSite.com have a range of Pinoy recipes available. These range from curries to carbonaras and include recipes for all meals of the day.

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While many of the elements of Pinoy recipes are translated into English, such as their measurements and standard ingredients, some of the ingredients used in Filipino cooking are particular to that part of the world and usually go by their Tagalog names even in translated recipes. Examples include kalamansi, the Philippine lemon; kamias, also known as bilimbi or cucumber tree; and abitsuelas, a particular type of string bean.

This use of specific ingredients in Pinoy cuisine means that even translated recipes can be difficult to follow for English-speaking cooks, and sourcing the ingredients can be even harder. OverSeasPinoyCooking.com helps cooks overcome this obstacle by featuring only recipes the author has cooked in a non-Filipino kitchen and by listing the appropriate substitutions and compensations.

Other sites, such as FilipinoRecipeSite.com, offer comprehensive glossary lists that define specific Pinoy ingredients, their taste and contribution to various dishes, and the reasons they are used. This allows resourceful chefs to find local produce that create similar flavors or textures to recreate the experience of their favorite Filipino meals.

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