Where Can You Find Recipes for Preparing Chicken Gizzards?


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Recipes for preparing chicken gizzards are available on food websites such as SeriousEats.com and food blogs such as TheNourishedCaveman.com. Serious Eats offers instructions for deep-frying chicken gizzards, while The Nourished Caveman suggests stewing chicken gizzards in a slow cooker.

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Cooks may either marinate or stew the gizzards to tenderize them before frying. They proceed to chop the gizzards into bite-sized pieces before dipping them in beaten egg and coating them with a seasoned flour mix. The gizzards take approximately two minutes to cook in hot oil.

Cooks may also place chicken gizzards with ingredients such as wine, tomato puree, onion, garlic and cilantro in a slow cooker. The gizzards take approximately six hours to cook on a low setting.

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