Where Can You Find Recipes for Making Lasagna With Ricotta Cheese?


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Lasagna recipes made with ricotta cheese can be found at About.com, Allrecipes.com and at the Ragu website. These recipes all require ricotta cheese, although their preparation methods and other ingredients vary considerably.

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Where Can You Find Recipes for Making Lasagna With Ricotta Cheese?
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While most lasagna recipes are made with ground beef, the original recipe also included pork meat that was browned in a pot with seasonings, as shown by the About.com recipe. The recipe featured on the Ragu website is simpler, using only ground beef, tomato sauce, noodles and two other cheeses — mozzarella and Parmesan — besides the ricotta.

The recipe from Allrecipes.com uses ricotta, but is not a traditional recipe as it asks for no meat at all in its preparation. This recipe is made with Parmesan and mozzarella in addition to the ricotta, as well as garlic, spaghetti sauce and the noodles, making it a fully vegetarian dish.

All lasagna recipes ask for some type of cheese in their ingredients, but not all require ricotta cheese. Families that immigrated from Southern Italy brought the traditional Napolitan Lasagne con la Ricotta (Lasagna with Ricotta) recipe to the United States back when it was known as the New World. Adding ricotta to lasagna is something Southern Italians started doing to preserve their Italian heritage, claims About.com.

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