Where Can You Find a Recipe for Chicken Dumplings Like Grandma Used to Make?


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Old-fashioned chicken and dumplings recipes can be found online at Allrecipes.com, Epicurious and Martha Stewart. A tasty recipe for chicken and dumplings soup is featured on Taste of Home. Traditionally, this dish features chicken pieces and round dumplings sitting in a flavorful broth.

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The chicken and dumplings recipe at Allrecipes.com is simple to make. This recipe uses shredded boneless chicken breast, which is prepared ahead of time. The broth includes water, flour and butter and is seasoned with salt and pepper. All-purpose baking mix is used to create the dumplings. The Epicurious version requires dredging 3 pounds of chicken in flour, and lightly cooking it in olive oil ahead of time. The chicken is then removed, and vegetables and spices are added, followed by low-sodium chicken broth. Kosher salt is used in place of table salt. Dumpling ingredients include flour, cornmeal and heavy cream, which adds richness.

Martha Stewart's version of chicken and dumplings takes 30 minutes to prepare. This recipe uses cut pieces of chicken thighs. Vegetables added to the broth are carrots, onion and peas. The dumplings are a combination of flour, milk, baking powder and dill. All ingredients are simmered for 20 minutes. Chicken and dumpling soup is similar to the classic stew, but is made with condensed cream of chicken soup and cream of mushroom soup.

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