Can Quiche Be Frozen?

Quiche can be frozen either before baking it or after it is fully cooked. For a crispier crust, the filling should be frozen separately from the crust.

The filling of the quiche will last for about two months in the freezer, but the crust may lose its texture and taste after several days. To freeze the filling separately, it should be placed in a durable plastic freezer bag and the excess air squeezed out. If the bag is too thin, it will not hold up well in the freezer.

If the quiche is to be frozen after it has been assembled, freeze it uncovered until it becomes solid. If the surface of the quiche is still soft, it may adhere to the plastic wrap after it is placed in the freezer. After the quiche has hardened, it should be wrapped with a piece of plastic wrap, pressing together the edges to make an airtight seal. After the plastic wrap has been applied, place a piece of aluminum foil over the quiche, also sealing the edges to discourage air from getting inside. If air comes into contact with the quiche, ice crystal may form on the surface, causing the crust to get soggy.