Where Can You Purchase Yogurt?


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Yogurt or yogurt-like products are found in the dairy sections of most supermarkets, such as Walmart. These stores often stock a wide selection of yogurt flavors in popular name brands. Some stores may offer their own brands of yogurt.

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Walmart lists hundreds of different yogurt varieties from multiple different brands, but they primarily list Yoplait brands of yogurt on their official website. Because Walmart lists cheaper alternatives for the sake of value, more exotic brands are unlikely to be stocked at their stores.

Some yogurt companies have search functions on their official websites that give users a way to locate their brand of yogurt in local stores. Stores such as Safeway, Whole Foods or Foods Etc. may not list these brands on their official website, instead favoring their own brands when listing products.

Yogurt is a popular dairy product found in many supermarkets, consumed often as a part of breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert alike. This tangy food is often sweetened or mixed with berries and other fruit, and many varieties of yogurt have been invented over time. Yogurt is thought to have great health benefits, promoting its popularity and the accessibility the general public has to this dairy food.

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