Where Can I Purchase Voss Water?

Voss water can be purchased directly from its producer online or from numerous worldwide distributors, which include retail stores, restaurants, hotels and beverage distribution companies. A list of distributors is available at the company's website. Worldwide regions where Voss water is available for purchase include North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Voss artesian water is sourced from a natural aquifer located in Southern Norway. The company claims that this water is a unique brand of pure, naturally filtered water. The natural spring sits underneath layers of gravel and bedrock, which protects it from exposure to pollutants.

There are two versions of Voss water on sale: Voss Still and Voss Sparkling. Voss Still water is for all occasions. The company recommends enjoying Voss Sparkling water with fine food and wine. Purity is another reason why Voss water is so revered. Voss water has low mineral levels. Another feature that makes Voss water stand apart from competitors in the bottled water market is the elegance of its bottle design. The water is displayed inside a crystal-clear, slender bottle with the Voss brand name emblazoned on its side.

Childhood friends, Christopher Harlem and Ole Christian Sandberg, created Voss Water in Oslo, Norway, a country that is renowned for its pure artesian springs.