Where can you purchase vintage beer signs?


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Vintage beer signs are available for purchase through a variety of avenues online and locally. Prized for their beauty, historical relevance and occasional humor, beer signs vary in style, condition and value.

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Some websites deal solely in the sale and purchase of vintage beer signs. They are also available for purchase online from a variety of sellers, particularly online auction sites and community sites with sections for sale items. Social networking sites include groups with items for sale, as well. In addition, people who are patient and willing to do some homework and a little legwork might find bargains on such signs in their local communities.

Local historical museums are sometimes inundated with antique signs and consider offers to purchase overstocked items, as the signs are large and costly to store. Some bars and pubs will part with their older signs because they receive new signs as free promotional items from beer manufacturers; discrete offers and inquiries at local drinking establishments can yield pleasant results. Auctions, rummage sales, newspaper ads and penny pincher weekly periodicals are also excellent resources for antique sale items.

Pickers, people who search for antiques, sometimes run across vintage beer signs in abandoned businesses, dilapidated farms and old out-buildings. Always ask for permission from the property owner before rummaging around on private property.

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