Where Can You Purchase Old Boy Scout Knives?


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Many websites sell old Boy Scout knives, including the auction website eBay.com, individual seller website Etsy.com, and specialized websites such as Jaysknives.com. Local antique collectible shops and flea market sellers may also sell Boy Scout knives.

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To find Boy Scout knives from the eBay.com main page, click on Shop by category at the top of the page and select Collectibles & Art. Hover over the Collectibles category, and select Historical Memorabilia. Hover over Fraternal Organizations, and select Boy Scouts. Finally, on the Boy Scouts page, select Equipment. Click on Refine results to narrow results by price, location, condition and more. If necessary, type "Boy Scout knife" in the search bar at the top of the page to further narrow results.

To find Boy Scout knives from the Etsy.com main page type "Boy Scout knife" into the search bar. Narrow results using the options at the left side of the page. Jaysknives.com lists the Boy Scout Knives category in the list on its main page. They are ordered over the phone, instead of online, through the company's toll-free phone number.

To find local antique or collectible shops, go to YellowPages.com and type "antiques" or "collectibles" into the search along with the name of your local municipality and state. Many cities and towns also have flea markets with many small sellers of collectibles, handcrafts and art. To find flea markets keep an eye out for fliers and posters, and check event listings in local newspapers and news blogs.

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