Where can you purchase manuka honey?


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Amazon.com, Drugstore.com and Vitacost.com sell manuka honey online, as of March 2015. Many of these products are labeled "active" or have Unique Manuka Factor, or UMF, ratings. According to honey producers, the rating indicates the level of honey's antibacterial quality, WebMD reports.

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Where can you purchase manuka honey?
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Amazon.com offers multiple pages of manuka honey items that are used internally, externally or both. Products include jars of honey, creams, ointments, lozenges, oil, soap and cleansers.

Drugstore.com has several types of manuka honey goods, such as dietary honey, lip balm, energy bars and elixers. Many items are advertised as natural. Vitacost has a few pages with a variety of manuka honey products. These include raw organic honey, lollipops, facemasks and skin serums. All three websites display user reviews of some merchandise.

Manuka honey originates in New Zeland, where bees pollinate indigenous manuka bushes, states WebMD. Medicinal components in this honey include hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal. Traditionally, manuka honey is used to treat wounds and burns, because it seems to hasten healing and fight infection. Commercial honey sold for these purposes is sterilized medical-grade honey.

Scientific studies indicate that manuka honey is effective for some skin injuries, according to WebMD. Also, manuka honey does not seem to create antibiotic-resistant bacteria like certain antibiotics have done. However, there is no conclusive evidence exemplifying honey's success with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or fungal infections.

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