Where Can You Purchase Coffee Pods?


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Coffee pods are sold by most major U.S. grocery stores, as well as online stores, such as Amazon.com. The latter example sells hundreds of varieties of coffee pods that are sold under dozens of different brands. Other stores list only a few more popular brands, such as Keurig and Senseo.

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Coffee pods are found with wide varieties of flavor choices due to the single-serve nature of coffee pods. A coffee pod may have flavors, such as caramel or hazelnut. These flavors are listed in the search filters on grocery websites so consumers can easily locate a specific brand or flavor of coffee pod.

Other products available on websites that sell coffee pods are the coffee makers that use the pods themselves. Keurig and Senseo machines are found on these websites, as well as other brands from less well-known companies. These stores may also list products, such as filters or replacement parts, for these machines. They may also offer deals on variety packs.

Do-it-yourself alternatives exist out there for creating coffee pods. These custom coffee pods can have any type of coffee in them and use most kinds of filters. The process requires careful measurement and cutting out a filter so it fits the coffee pod machine. This saves money if a certain flavor of coffee pod is too expensive.

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