Where Can You Purchase Bulgur Wheat?


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Many health food stores and supermarkets carry bulgur wheat both in-store and online. Shoppers may find this ingredient in the bulk foods, natural foods or ethnic sections of supermarkets. Red Mill, Sunnyland Mills and Arrowhead Mills are three reputable brands as of 2015.

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Bulgur wheat often comes pre-packaged in 1- to 4-pound sacs, though buyers can choose greater or lesser quantities in the bulk section. The cost of bulgur averages around $2 per pound as of November 2015. A cook can store bulgur in airtight containers on a cool shelf or in the refrigerator for up to six months.

Bulgur wheat is a par-boiled form of whole wheat that comes pre-processed to reduce preparation and cooking times. Bulgur wheat has a rich, nutty taste that lends itself to cereals, breads, soups and several vegetable dishes. This wheat is a staple in many Middle Eastern dishes, such as tabouleh and pilafs.

Unlike cracked wheat, bulgur is pre-cooked, so chefs can sometimes use it after a simple soaking without further cooking. Instant bulgur can cook in as little as five minutes. Bulgur wheat is cholesterol-free, more nutritious than rice and contains a high amount of dietary fiber, making it an ideal base for healthy cooking.

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