How Can You Print Your Own Candy Bar Wrappers?


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You can print your own candy bar wrappers in Microsoft Publisher by setting specific guidelines within the program to create a wrapper accommodating the bar's specific size. Sites such as About.com also have templates for wrappers that you can download and customize.

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To manually make a wrapper in Microsoft Publisher, you must know the exact dimensions of the candy bar. Select the line tool within Publisher on the top left of the page. If it is not visible, you may have to click View and then click Rulers. For a standard-size candy bar, select 5 inches on the vertical ruler.

Next, hold the shift key down and draw a line across the page. Select the horizontal rule and select the specific size you need: About.com recommends 5 and 7/8 inches. Hold shift and draw a line down the entire page. With these dimensions, you should be able to fit two wrappers onto each printed page. Use the marquee tool to draw a narrow rectangle at the top of the wrapper, leaving room at either end to form a glue area. Save the file with a name such as "Candy Bar Template."

Finally, you can customize your template with colors, text and art. You can then print the wrapper, cut it, and wrap it around the candy bar.

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